Say What Now? Surgery-Addicted Model Has 38J Implants Removed and Vaginal Reconstruction |

Say What Now? Surgery-Addicted Model Has 38J Implants Removed and Vaginal Reconstruction

The model, who goes by Mary Sebastian Pickles Magdalene on Instagram, has spent more than $100,000 dollars on extreme plastic surgery.

via: Daily Mail

Mary Magdalene, who holds the record for the world’s fattest vagina, went in for surgery this week after one of her size-38J breast implants exploded and left her with a uniboob.

While having her remaining implant removed, the 30-year-old also had a labiaplasty to reconstruct her vagina after illegal fillers left it looking like ‘female testicles’.

The Mexican-born bombshell previously told TMZ it was a drug-fuelled come-to-Jesus moment that led her to tone down her dangerous body modifications.

‘I was doing a lot of whippets and shrooms, and then I just kind of realised through that spiritual awakening that maybe it’s best for my overall wellbeing to just kind of tone it down a notch you know, with the surgeries,’ she explained.

After going under the knife to reverse her surgeries this week, Mary told her 200,000 fans that she was feeling great and was over the moon to be returning to her natural state.

‘I am out of surgery. I feel fine as of right now I have no idea what my boobs look like because they are covered in tape,’ she shared.

‘It is really weird seeing my punani all cut up like this – it already looks so different but it’s difficult to see past the cuts and bruises,’ she continued.

‘I did a couple of other procedures but I will share that later on.’

The model, whose real name is Denise, said she was a ‘born again virgin’ after the labiaplasty and didn’t want to go back to being a ‘hot mess’ again.

‘I refuse to treat myself with anything but love, care and respect,’ she declared.

Earlier this month, one of Mary’s 5000cc implants burst, leaving her with an enormous ‘uniboob’ and an empty breast pocket next to it.

While it’s unclear what caused the 38J implant to pop, some fans speculated that the troubled star may have over-filled it using an expander.

Expanders are a feature of some implants that allow the patient to top them up themselves with saline via a needle and port in the implant.

‘I’m going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body, too,’ she told her fans at the time.

The heavily tattooed model had her first procedure done at the age of 21, when she was working as a stripper and escort.

Over the years, her other surgeries have included a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose and boob jobs, veneers, liposuction, chin lipo, porcelain veneers and more.

Mary had a fourth nose job last year to create a ‘Barbie nose’, along with cat-eye surgery and eyebrow implants.

She became a social media sensation in 2018 after she almost died during an operation in Colombia to achieve ‘the world’s fattest vagina’.

Her surgeries have led to multiple health complications: last April she revealed she could no longer close her mouth due to having so many procedures on her lips, and in September she said her enormous breasts had left her wheelchair-bound.

She was also rushed to the emergency room last year after one of the tattoos on her breasts became infected, resulting in what could have been a deadly bout of sepsis.

On top of that, the OnlyFans sensation risked death when the illegal ‘under the table’ butt injections she’d had started to rot.

She previously had her butt implants done in Colombia, on top of multiple BBL procedures and injections on top of that.

‘My butt injections are rotting. What do I do?’ she told fans at the time in a series of panicked posts.

‘I’m so scared. My body seems to be fighting off a big infection because all three of my tattoos aren’t healing either. They are all infected with open wounds.

‘I’m in a different country [the U.S.] and I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless.’

The viral celebrity previously admitted to undergoing the dangerous procedure after licensed doctors refused to perform further work on her bottom.

She had already had three separate Brazilian butt lifts in addition to butt implants.

At the time, the former exotic dancer advised her fans not to follow in her footsteps.

‘I do not recommend people to get them because it is a very risky procedure,’ she said on Instagram in May.

‘There’s a reason why it’s banned in every country. I am just okay with taking the risks and I have butt implants and three BBLs already, so injections are the only way I can achieve a huge unnatural result now.’

In 2018, Ms Magdalene almost died on the operating table during an operation to ‘inflate’ her vagina in Colombia.

‘I had to get two blood transfusions,’ she told The Sun of the harrowing ordeal.

‘The doctor said I was losing so much blood, and turning very pale. He thought I was going to die.’

Ms Magdalene said she wanted the look so she could have ‘the world’s fattest vagina’.

‘So basically there’s this contraption that you use and it sucks your p***y and then it makes it very inflated, so I told the doctor that I just want it permanently to look like that,’ she told the No Jumper podcast.

‘I would say it’s a female ball sack. I’m gonna keep just growing it and getting it bigger. I’m gonna get injections.’

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