Say What Now? Rooster Kills Owner During Illegal Cockfight in India

A rooster fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight in southern India has killed its owner, sparking a manhunt for the organisers of the event.

via: Complex

A rooster equipped with a three-inch blade tied to its leg slashed open the groin of its owners during the staging of an illegal cockfight in southern India last week, according to authorities.

The bird was reported to have been fluttering out of panic when it accidentally gashed 45-year-old Thangulla Satish. Police inspector B. Jeevan says that Satish “started bleeding heavily” after the rooster’s knife hit him while he was prepping the rooster for a fight. Satish died while being transported to the hospital.

Jeevan added that police are looking for more than a dozen people suspected of organizing the fight. If caught and proven guilty those organizers could do jail stints of up to two years apiece.

As for the rooster, it was taken to a police station. Jeevan said that police “may need to produce it before the court.” After that it’s set to be taken to a poultry farm.

According to the AP, cockfights are common in the country’s southern states despite the fact that a nationwide ban was instituted in 1960. Animal rights activists have long-since advocated for an end to the practice, and though it’s technically supposed to be over fights can draw attendances in the thousands (as well as attract the attention of gamblers) with off-the-books approval from local politicians.

Though you can probably put it together, the fights usually involve sharp weapons being attached to birds. They then face off until one of them dies or flees.

Anyway, Satish’s death follows a similar one that occurred last year when a man had his neck cut open by a blade attached to a rooster’s leg, and also another one on top of that (this one also involving the neck of an owner) back in 2010.

Why just why.

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