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ICYMI: Racist Woman Verbally Attacks USPS Worker with Anti-Asian Slurs [Video]

Another day, another Karen out of control.

This time, a white woman verbally attacked a postal service worker with racial slurs.

via Complex:

Shared to Instagram originally, the clip showed an unidentified women arguing with a USPS worker she yelled anti-Asian slurs at. “Can’t you just do your job?” the woman can be heard saying in the clip. “It’s simple. A letter was certified return receipt – I don’t need to hear all this other stuff that you want to try to dictate to me. I’ve been in this country for 38 years, I think I should know what I’m doing.” After suggesting that the USPS worker wasn’t welcome in America, she muttered “ch*nk” to herself.

Thankfully, onlookers were quick to call her out for her behavior. “Whoa, whoa, that is not acceptable, that’s not acceptable,” another customer said to the woman. “She said ch*nk. You might need to go somewhere.” Another customer eventually can be heard calling the Los Altos, California police department to report the woman, who yelled racial abuse in the post office. “Oh my god!” the customer said after the woman called the USPS worker the slur again. “Get out of here! Bye, Karen! Oh my god, wow… terrible lady.” 

As the New York Post reports, the man who recorded the incident was Tyler Brunfield. “We are all humans and we should respect each other as such,” Brumfield said of the incident. “Because someone is different or has different melanin doesn’t mean we have to disregard the humanity of that particular person.”

In a statement provided to ABC News, USPS spokesman Augustine Ruiz said, “No employee should have to suffer any abuse by a customer, and we have every right to refuse service to anyone who is abusive.”

Watch the clip below.

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