Say What Now? Publix Refuses to Put 'Cum' on Graduate's Summa Cum Laude Cake [Photo]

A mother in South Carolina is beyond upset with Publix grocery store for messing up her son’s graduation cake.

She ordered the cake online to celebrate the fact her son graduated from his homeschool program with a 4.79 GPA … earning Summa Cum Laude honors.

When she went to pick up the cake, the word ‘Cum’ was blanked out. The store apparently has an obscenity policy and the word ‘cum’ was found in violation — even though Summa Cum Laude is a latin phrase meaning “with highest honor.”

“My son was humiliated,” the mother posted on her Facebook page. “I seriously couldn’t make this crap up!!! How utterly ridiculous and I will be speaking to a manager for a refund. Shame on you Publix for turning an innocent Latin phrase into a total embarrassment for having to explain to my son and others (including my 70 year old mother) about this joke of a cake.”



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