Say What Now? Pregnant Woman Holding a Child Gets Into a Fight at McDonald's [Video] |

Say What Now? Pregnant Woman Holding a Child Gets Into a Fight at McDonald’s [Video]

A customer trying to enjoy their meal at a Houston McDonald’s became witness to an argument between two women that escalated into an all-out brawl.

One of the women involved happened to be both pregnant AND holding a young child — while getting hit.

via NYDN:

Carla DeLeon told KTRK she and her three-year-old daughter were assaulted. She said she has since filed a police report and wants to press charges on her assailant.

“How sad is it that you’re going to hit somebody with a baby in their arms and I already stated I was pregnant on top of that?” DeLeon said. “She was scared, and I turned around to look and the woman said, ‘What are you looking at (expletive)?’ I said I just wonder what my daughter’s looking at. That’s it.”

DeLeon said her daughter was hit in the fight. An ambulance was called for the little girl, who had a swollen cheek and a scratch on her face.

A McDonald’s employee was the only one who attempted to stop the fight while the rest of the customers filmed videos, according to DeLeon.  Police say the McDonald’s employee was also struck in the attack by the unidentified woman.  

Dexter Kennedy, the customer who captured the incident on video, told KTRKit was the last thing he expected to see at the fast food restaurant. Kennedy said the two women were calling each other names before things got out of hand.

“I heard the female say she was tired of being called the names she was being called,” Kennedy said. “She came over there with a cup that she had and poured it on the lady that was calling her names.”

The fact one of the women was holding a child did nothing to prevent the fight from happening.

Kennedy said he grabbed his son while his wife tried to get out of the way of the fight. He said he wasn’t sure how the fight ended, but he later uploaded the video to Facebook.

Houston Police confirms to the Daily News that they are investigating the incident and are following up on leads and have a description of the other woman in the video. 

Police are asking anyone with more information about the case to contact them.  

Watch the moment unfold below.

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