Say What Now? People Are Losing It Over Photo of Man Hiding From Cops on Roof During Cannabis Bust [Photos]

Cannabis farm worker Etmond Lika caught on camera trying to outwit police during raid on house being used to grow 200 plants.

via: Complex

England’s Liverpool Echo reports Etmond Lika, 32, was arrested for maintaining a weed farm inside his home. Lika appeared on Liverpool Crown Court via video link on Tuesday after pleading guilty to one count of producing cannabis.

A prosecutor noted a locksmith was called upon to change the front door lock when he noticed what he thought to be a cannabis installation. Police searched the property and found at least 200 illegal plants. Police described it as “plainly a sophisticated operation” and found someone was living there after noticing food was around. They said there was “no doubt that was this defendant.”

Lika tried to dodge police by climbing through a skylight and hiding on the roof of the property, a terraced house with six rooms. It was this cartoonish image that led Twitter users to laugh at his misfortune.

Attorney Olivia Beesley said Lika was offered a small amount to live at the property, and left his home in Albania for economic reasons.

“He wants to work but he knows now that he should have done so through proper channels,” Beesley said. “He simply wishes to receive his sentence with grace and understands he must be punished for this kind of offending.”

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