Say What Now? Officials Confirmed That a Giant Alligator Ate a Louisiana Man After Hurricane Ida

A Louisiana coroner confirmed on Thursday human remains found inside a massive alligator were those of a New Orleans-area man who went missing after he was attacked following Hurricane Ida.

via Forbes:

St. Tammany Parish Coroner Dr. Charles Preston said remains found inside a 12-foot long, 504-pound alligator were those of 71-year-old Timothy Satterlee, who vanished on August 30 after an alligator attack.

The man’s wife said she heard a splash after he went outside his home one day after Hurricane Ida blew through the area and walked out to see him being attacked by the alligator, which had already ripped one of his arms off.

The woman then took off in a boat to find an area with a cell signal to dial 911, but Satterlee had disappeared when she got back to the house—along with the alligator.

Local sheriff’s deputies found the enormous alligator near Satterlee’s home two weeks after the attack, at which point they captured and killed it, finding human remains inside.

Preston said he will likely rule the death was an accident.

12 feet long? 504 pounds? That’s a damn dinosaur. RIP to that man.

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