Say What Now? NYPD Officer Arrested for Exposing Himself and Making Sexual Advances Towards a Friend's 10-Year-Old Daughter

A perverted NYPD officer has been arrested for exposing himself and making explicit sexual advances towards a friend’s 10-year-old daughter.

via NYPD:

Shaun Frazier, 39, was grabbed outside his Brooklyn home about 7 a.m. Thursday on allegations that he had licked the child’s underwear and encouraged the child to watch as he pleasured himself, officials said.

He was arrested following an NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau investigation and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Prosecutors said they are investigating if other criminal charges can be filed against Frazier.

Frazier was babysitting the girl and his friend’s 5-year-old son on Sept. 5 when the girl found him in the kitchen licking her underwear, prosecutors said during his arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“He (then) asked if he could lick her underwear,” Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Gwen Barnes said.

The stunned child ran to her bedroom, but Frazier allegedly “asked her to come into the room where he was on the mom’s bed, where he was masturbating,” Barnes said.

“He had his penis out,” the prosecutor explained in disturbingly graphic detail. “He asked her if she wanted to see him come.”

Frazier’s friend, a hospital security guard, was working an overnight shift when the five-year NYPD veteran allegedly made his disgusting advances.

The girl tried to call her mother, but Frazier took the child’s phone and didn’t return it to her until he took her to school the next day, prosecutors said.

Frazier denied the allegations in court. Defense attorney Daniel Servino said his client is a former court officer and is currently caring for his elderly mother, who has dementia.

“He does have so much to lose,” Servino said.

Judge Donald Leo ordered him released without bail, despite Barnes’ request to have him held on $10,000 bail. The judge also ordered orders of protection for the child, her mother and brother, officials said.

Frazier joined the department in 2015 and was assigned to the NYPD’s Building Maintenance Section, police said.

He is suspended pending the outcome of his criminal case, cops said.

Our hearts go out to the 10-year-old girl, her family, and whatever other victims of this man who have yet to come forward.

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