Say What Now? Mona Scott-Young Accused of Lying for Stevie J in Million Dollar Child Support Case |

Say What Now? Mona Scott-Young Accused of Lying for Stevie J in Million Dollar Child Support Case


Stevie J owes a ton of child support, so much that he’s not only been arrested — but the State of New York has threatened to seize his property as well.

That’s what happens when you owe $1.2 million dollars…however, it gets worse. Love and Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young is being accused of lying on Stevie J’s behalf to help him evade making the payments!

Oh, we should probably mention that Mona is the one who bailed Stevie J out of jail last week.

According to Financial Juneteenth, Mona Scott-Young allegedly lied about Stevie J’s financial status when she was subpoenaed last April. Not only was she subpoenaed, but also subpoenaed was Joseline Hernandez, Raymond “Benzino” Scott, Sony Music Group, Viacom, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, The Kompany and Monami Entertainment.

They were inquired by Project Child Support to find out the exact status of Stevie J’s current finances so he could start begin to absolve his debt. According to the group, Mona lied and said that her company Monami Entertainment never employed, subcontracted or contracted Stevie J for any kind of work.

The support group’s founder, Kia Patterson, said in a statemet:

“I don’t understand how an Executive Producer of a hit television reality series does not enter into any agreements with the cast or any organizations contracted with the cast of a television production.

This is a felony child support evasion case, and helping someone commit a felony crime is a felony crime. We are going to cooperate with the federal agencies investigating this case and provide them with copies of all documents we received that are related to this case, including Mona Scott’s court ordered subpoena response.”

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us either. Stevie and Mona better get right, because sh*t might just hit the fan real soon.


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