Say What Now? Man Pleads Guilty to Disemboweling His Girlfriend After She Called Another Man's Name During Sex

A 26-year-old Florida man accused of murdering and then disemboweling his girlfriend after she called out the name of another man during sex has decided to plead guilty.

via NYDN:

Fidel Lopez told investigators he turned into “a monster” after 31-year-old Maria Nemeth shouted her ex-husband’s name during a session of drunk intimacy in their Florida apartment back in September 2015.

He was additionally accused of sexually assaulting her with a beer bottle and a straight iron before he ripped out her intestines.

The 26-year-old murderer called police himself, initially claiming his girlfriend started having trouble breathing before vomiting and collapsing in the bathroom.

When responders arrived at the Sunrise residence they discovered Lopez crying next to Nemeth’s mutilated body.

He told detectives he and Nemeth engaged in a rough sexual encounter and that she urged him to continue using the beer bottles as sex toys even after she’d started bleeding, the Sun-Sentinel reported. As questioning continued, however, Lopez confessed to the brutal crime.

“She was calling me another dude’s name,” he told officers. “She was confusing me with him. If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk.” 

In October, Lopez pleaded not guilty to two charges of sexual battery and first-degree murder, but changed course on Thursday, CBS Miami reported.

The deal guarantees Lopez will not be handed the death penalty. While a life sentence is mandatory, a judge agreed to delay formal sentencing until Aug. 3 to give family members of both the defendant and victim a chance to address the court.

“You are going to die in prison,” Judge Ilona Holmes told him.

This is the most heinous crime we’ve read about in quite some time.

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