Say What Now? Man Claiming to Be Nia Long's Son Arrested for Assault with Tent Pole |

Say What Now? Man Claiming to Be Nia Long’s Son Arrested for Assault with Tent Pole

A man claiming to be actress Nia Long’s son has been arrested for assaulting a random person with a tent pole in Santa Monica.

TMZ reports, Tamir Rasool Morris was arrested last weekend in Santa Monica where cops say he assaulted a random person in a park. When officers questioned him, Morris told them his name was Massai Dorsey II … which is the name of Nia’s actual 23-year-old son.

What’s creepy for Nia and her fam is this guy’s clearly done some research … because he also gave officers Massai’s correct birth day and month, but finally slipped up with the year. We’re told he was off by 2 years.

Of course, his web of lies fell apart when he was booked and fingerprinted … which revealed his real name.

According to our sources, cops suspect Morris pulled Massai’s info from social media, but Santa Monica PD wants to make it clear … the real Massai was not at all involved in the incident, and his name was given without his knowledge.

As for Morris, he’s currently sitting in jail in lieu of $30,000 bail, and was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and false impersonation.

It is not uncommon for individuals to make false claims and impersonate celebrities or their family members. In this case, Nia Long’s son had no connection to the incident and was not involved in any way. The authorities have made it clear that the real Massai was a victim of identity theft in this situation.

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