Say What Now? Man Awaiting Trial for Rape Kills Victim After Being Released Due to Coronavirus


A Maryland man accused of raping a woman last year killed her last week after he was released from jail in April because of the coronavirus.

via NYDN:

Ibrahim Bouaichi, 33, was tracked down by police Wednesday and appeared to have shot himself when they caught up to him, according to the Washington Post. He was reportedly in grave condition.

Bouaichi is suspected of raping Karla Dominguez in October 2019, the Post reported. Dominguez testified against Bouiachi at a preliminary hearing last December.

Bouaichi was held without bond in Alexandria, Va., until April, according to the Post. Pre-pandemic, he was scheduled to stand trial March 30 on charges of rape, sodomy, strangulation, abduction and burglary.

As coronavirus spread in March and April, Bouaichi’s lawyers argued for his release, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutors objected, but a judge sided with the defense and released Bouaichi on $25,000 bond, with stipulations that he wasn’t to leave his house except for meetings with “lawyers or pretrial services officials.”

Bouaichi broke those rules in May, when he was found at a Wendy’s drive-thru in his hometown of Greenbelt, Md., according to the Post. Police said he acted strangely and rammed a cop car with his own vehicle, leading to various assault and traffic charges.

But cops in Maryland were unaware of the pending rape case in Virginia and released Bouaichi from jail on May 11.

Police say Bouaichi returned to Alexandria on July 29 and fatally shot Dominguez outside her apartment, the Post reported. Cops found very little information about Dominguez other than that she was from Venezuela and had no family living in the U.S.

The system failed Karla. RIP.

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