Say What Now? Man Accused of Sucking a Random Teen's Toes at the Mall

Joseph Leondre Jones of Toledo, Ohio, has been accused of sucking a teen’s toes without permission at a local mall. He’s also accused of massaging the feet of at least two other women at the same mall.

via AJC:

Joseph Leondre Jones, of Toledo, went before a judge Tuesday on charges of menacing and sexual imposition, according to Fox 28 in Columbus. He also faces a charge of sexual imposition stemming from the allegations made by a teen employee of a store at the Franklin Park Mall.

The police report in the toe-sucking case alleged that Jones, dressed in a dress shirt, jacket and tie, went to the Pac Sun store at the mall on Dec. 23, 2016, looking for shoes. Melissa Portala, the mother of the 18-year-old girl, told WTOL in January that Jones approached her daughter, complemented her on the shoes on her feet and asked to see them.

After telling her she “had nice feet,” the police report said, Jones “abruptly took a knee directly in front of the victim’s foot and stuck it in his mouth and began to suck her toes.”

The girl was uncomfortable with the unwanted advance but was scared and did not know how to handle the situation, the police report said.

“After the suspect finished slurping on the victim’s toes, he stood up, kissed her on her cheek and told her, ‘I’ll be back later,’ as the victim stood there in a frightened daze,” the report said.

The teen called the mall security office to report the incident. She called a second time that evening when Jones returned to the store.

He was questioned by security officers but not immediately charged. He was taken into custody on Jan. 11 after the officers obtained a warrant for his arrest.

He was later released from jail.

Fox 28 reported that two women who work at the same store as Portlala’s daughter came forward with allegations that Jones also took their shoes off and massaged her feet without their permission. A third woman said Jones’ grabbed her foot, as well.

Jones has been banned from the mall, the news station reported. 

That’s nasty.

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