Say What Now? Jewelry Reportedly Stolen From Locker Room at UCLA and Colorado Game |

Say What Now? Jewelry Reportedly Stolen From Locker Room at UCLA and Colorado Game

Several Colorado Buffaloes players reportedly returned to their locker room after losing to UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Saturday only to discover some of their valuables had been stolen.

via Complex:

As shown in a video by Well Off Media, seen above at the 41:40 mark and below in a clip shared on social media, at least five players were impacted by the apparent theft. “They fucking broke into the locker room, bro,” said one of the team’s players in the clip. “During the game.”

The players appeared to be confused and disappointed about the situation, with them indicating that no one appeared to know what happened.

According to the Sports Illustrated blog Buffs Beat, the thieves took three diamond and gold chains worth thousands of dollars. Coach Deion Sanders has not addressed the incident. UCLA police are reportedly investigating the theft.

Last month, Colorado’s coach Deion Sanders scored a new sunglasses collaboration after Colorado State coach Jay Norvell roasted him for wearing hats and sunglasses in all of his media interviews.

“Coach Prime is an icon with a multi-generational influence,” said Chase Fisher, CEO and Founder of Blenders Eyewear, upon announcing the company’s signature “Coach Prime” sunglasses. “From player to now a powerhouse coach, he’s become a true game-changer with a bold and unshakable style. At Blenders, we resonate with Coach Prime, someone who not only excels in the world of sports but also understands the power of style as a means of self-expression. Together, we’re about to unleash a blend that will redefine what it means to make a statement on and off the field. Get ready for a collaboration that’s as electrifying as Coach Prime’s legendary presence.”

He later gifted a pair of his sunglasses to each of the players on his team.

Someone either broke in or already had access.

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