Say What Now? Instagram Influencer 'Corset-Trained' Her Waist to Just 16-Inches [Photos]

A 30-year-old Instagram influencer is showing off her years-long struggle of achieving what she believes is a “perfect” hourglass figure using corsets — and now she has a 16-inch waist.

via NYP:

On her account @curvaceous_sammm shows photos of herself in and out of corsets, and claims that her waist, uncorseted, is now 22 inches, down from the original 30.

But she’s still not happy.

“I’m already at my goal 16-inch corseted waist, but I’m attempting to close my 15-inch corset,“ Sammy told the Star.

Corsets can give semi-permanent results by moving “floating” ribs and shifting organs – something Sammy claims doesn’t have to be painful.

“It’s only painful if you rush and don’t purchase a proper fitting corset,” she told the Star. “If there’s any pinching, numbness, pain, raw skin, large gaps at the ribs or hips when the corset is closed then those are signs of an ill-fitting corset.”

But while fans lap up her extreme look, Sammy claims her real-life partners hate it.

“I have a husband that ran out on me, a boyfriend and a man I screw on the side on occasions and neither of them like it,” Sammy said.

She looks a damn fool.

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