Say What Now? Frontier Airlines Kicks 2 Women Off Las Vegas-Bound Plane Following Profanity-Laden Fight, Forced to Divert

It seems that almost every day, there is an instance of people misbehaving on flights. From drunken misdemeanors to outright physical fights, there have been reports of all kinds of misbehaviors.

via: Fox News

Frontier Airlines flight 2143 left Philadelphia around 10:30 p.m. (ET) and was scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas around 8:40 p.m. (PT), but was approximately an hour late after passenger became “disruptive” and forced the plane to deviate to Denver Frontier Airlines confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Once arriving in Denver, the two female passengers were escorted from the plane by the Denver Police Department.

A woman on board captured the four-letter-word filled exchange and posted it on Instagram.

The woman told Fox News Digital that two women, who were traveling together, began loudly arguing and fighting one another. After a male Frontier Airlines’ flight attendant attempted to quiet the passengers three times, the flight attendant eventually moved one of the women to a different seat in hopes to quiet the loud passengers on the late-night flight.

The woman’s video captures the woman continuing to argue and swear loudly even after being separated.

“Shut the f— up, b—-,” one of the women yell repeatedly.

“We’re 30,000 feet in the air,” another passenger is heard exclaiming.

In the video, it appears that one of women hits the flight attendant as they attempt the arguing passengers to calm down.

“Don’t f—ing touch me,” one of the woman yells at the flight attendant. “Don’t f—ing touch me.”

Eventually, the plane was forced to divert to Denver International Airport. Once the plane arrived, police officers are seen coming aboard the plane and arresting the two women.

Fellow plane passengers are heard erupting in applause as the unruly passengers are taken off the plane.

According to Frontier Airlines, the plane, which has capacity for 140-200 passengers, was grounded in Denver for about an hour before departing, once again, to Las Vegas.

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