Say What Now? Former Walmart Employee Arrested After Driving Through Store [Video]

Walmart employees in Concord had a scary experience early Friday morning when a former employee crashed their car into the store.

via: WCNC

According to Concord Police, the incident happened at the Walmart store on Thunder Road near Concord Mills Mall and Derita Road. A spokesperson for Concord Police said the suspect was a former employee who had been fired within the last week or so.

The driver was taken into custody and facing multiple charges. Police have not yet identified the suspect or announced the exact charges at this time. Investigators aren’t yet sure how long the suspect was driving through the store but said there was “extensive” damage throughout the store.

One employee told WCNC Charlotte’s Richard DeVayne it “sounded like gunshots” when the car crashed through the store.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and all employees were evacuated safely.

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