Say What Now? Florida Woman Forcibly Taken Off Flight After Refusing to Put on Mask Allegedly Spit on Passengers [Photo]

Police said a Florida woman is in jail after creating a ruckus on a Delta Airlines jet.

via: Complex

According to NBC-2, 23-year-old Adelaide Schrowang was acting unruly and was in violation of the plane’s mask policies. Federal law still requires that every passenger wear a face covering when on a plane. The TSA-issued mandate is in place for all airports, and runs through September 13, 2021.

Flight attendants say that when Schrowang was ordered off the plane she became furious and spit on her fellow passengers. Police officers were called to take her off the flight after she refused to leave her seat. WCAX3 reports that after officers arrived she still refused to leave and started to yell at them. Police ended up restraining and handcuffing her, then took her off the plane. A report notes she was disruptive throughout her transport to jail and during the booking process.

She was arrested and has been hit with multiple charges, including: interfering with aircraft operations, resisting officers and trespass. She was taken to the Lee County Jail.

As of Monday afternoon she was still confined on $20,000 bond.

All these incidents happening in the air are getting out of hand, someone is going to end up seriously injured.

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