Say What Now? Federal Judge Esther Salas' Son Killed, Husband Wounded After Gunman Disguised as FedEx Driver Entered Her Home

A gunman disguised as a Fedex delivery driver entered the home of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas in New Jersey on Sunday evening, fatally shooting her 20-year-old son and wounding her husband.

via NYDN:

Salas was unharmed. Her husband, 63-year-old Mark Anderl, underwent surgery at a New Brunswick hospital, the paper said, and was in critical but stable condition. The couple’s son, Daniel Anderl, died in the attack at the family’s North Brunswick home.

WNBC in New York reported that Mark went to answer the door around 5 p.m. and was shot multiple times. When Daniel came running to the door to help his father, he was also shot before the gunman fled. Police say that Judge Salas was in the basement at the time of the shooting.

Salas has been in her position for nine years since her nomination by former President Barack Obama, and is the first Hispanic woman to serve on a federal bench in New Jersey. Before that, Salas spent five years as a magistrate judge and nine as a public defender. Mark is a criminal defense attorney and former assistant Essex County prosecutor.

We hope they’re able to locate whoever went through with this elaborate, horrible, plan.

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