Say What Now? FDNY Investigates Racially Charged Fight Among Firefighters

The FDNY is investigating what’s believed to have been a racially-charged brawl among drunken firefighters who were celebrating after Medal Day.

via Complex:

According to the New York Post, a source familiar with the incident said that a drunken brawl complete with the usage of racial slurs broke out among firefighters on Wednesday night near a sports bar called Billy’s, which is across the street from Yankee Stadium. After the Medal Day ceremony at City Hall, hundreds of firefighters and FDNY personnel went to the bar to celebrate.

“The Fire Department initiated an investigation following reports of a fight involving off-duty uniformed firefighters Wednesday night in the Bronx, and has since obtained disturbing video that we have shared with the city’s Department of Investigation,” FDNY spokesman Jim Long told New York Post.

“It was a free-for-all brawl–firefighters vs. firefighters,” one source said to the Post. The department is reportedly investing whether or not anyone was injured during the fight.

In a couple of videos on Instagram that have since been removed, firefighters were seen pushing away cops that were trying to break up the fight. According to the Post, one Instagram poster commented, “NYPD VS NYFD a group of drunk firefighters fighting with pedestrians and NYPD around Yankees stadium @ 940pm. The police did nothing but send them home.” He added that a firefighter driving a van almost ran over the cops and pedestrians and asked, “Do you think the situation would’ve been handled the same if it were me and a group of my drunk friends and why?”

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said at an emergency meeting Friday, “Everyone and anyone who engaged in this outrageous behavior will be held accountable.”

No arrests or police reports have been made.

They should know better.

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