Say What Now? Driver Tries Avoiding Toll by Putting Chicken Wings Receipt on His License Plate [Photo]

A California driver thought he outsmarted authorities by using a chicken receipt to avoid paying his toll — he was wrong.

via Complex:

According to the Los Angeles Times, a driver was stopped by California Highway Patrol after attempting to avoid paying his toll. He did so by slapping a receipt for chicken wings from Safeway on top of his license plate. Talk about winging it.

While brilliant and hilarious, the trick did not work. A sergeant pulled over the white Ford Mustang at about 8 p.m. on Tuesday and quickly noticed the car’s license plate was partially covered. Apparently, a lot of motorists try to cover their license plates in the area, near the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge off US 101, but this attempt made it into the CHP’s “we couldn’t even make this up” category. 

“Well, sure enough the driver had used his receipt from a pound of teriyaki chicken wings he had bought at Safeway earlier in the day, ripped it in half and used it to cover two digits of both the front and rear plate,” the CHP said about the incident.

The motorist was cited on suspicion of driving on a suspended license and having an obstructed license plate. His car has been impounded.

The most important part of this story, however, is that a pound of teriyaki wings from Safeway cost $8.99. I hope they were worth it.

Now we’re hungry.

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