Say What Now? CVS Apologizes After White Manager Calls Police on a Black Woman Trying to Use a Coupon [Video]

CVS Health is apologizing for a racially motivated incident where a white store manager called the police on a Black customer after she tried to use a coupon.

via WGN:

Camilla Hudson posted cellphone video of manager Morry Matson calling police Friday night at a CVS at 6150 N. Broadway. Matson, who apparently plans to run for City Council and was a state delegate for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, appears very nervous and his left hand shakes as he talks to police.

Hudson says on Facebook that Matson challenged her when she tried to use a manufacturer’s coupon for a free product. While Matson was talking to police on the phone, Hudson said she would wait for officers to come to the store. No action was taken by police.

CVS told the Chicago Sun-Times that it apologized to Hudson. The company says it doesn’t tolerate discrimination against customers and that it is investigating the matter.

Check out Camilla’s posts — including video of her experience — below.

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