Say What Now? Couple Accused of Faking Baby's Birth and Death for Donations Using Photo of Doll

A Pennsylvania couple started a GoFundMe page claiming they lost their newborn son hours after his birth, however the whole thing was a scam and police say the baby never even existed.

via People:

On Thursday, Kaycee Lang, 23, and Geoffrey Lang, 27, of Friedens, were charged with theft and deception.

The couple allegedly faked the July 3 birth and death of their son for money and gifts, according to an affidavit of probable cause obtained by WTAEWIBW and the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

The Langs allegedly claimed “Easton Walt Lang” was born at Conemaugh Health System in Johnstown on July 3. However, hours later, they claimed, he tragically died.

The couple allegedly shared photos of Easton on their social media profiles and started a GoFundMe page for donations to help pay for a personalized urn.

Police were called after the boy’s memorial when a friend said she found Kaycee’s pregnancy — and Easton’s supposed death — suspicious.

Cynthia Dilascio told WTAE she first became suspicious when Kaycee didn’t show signs of being pregnant.

Despite her suspicion, Dilascio hosted a baby shower for the couple at her home in May. Shortly after, at around seven months, Kacyee stopped seeing friends, claiming she was on bedrest.

When Kaycee told Dilascio she had given birth but that Easton had died of respiratory distress syndrome, Dilascio didn’t believe her friend’s story. Later, Dilascio called the funeral home where the couple said the boy was cremated, but learned there was no record of him.

At Easton’s memorial, Dilascio confronted the Langs, who denied the allegations.

“I knew that this was fake,” Dilascio told WTAE. “I couldn’t go and sit and watch this go on and know the truth.”

Police were unable to find any records of Kaycee’s pregnancy, or Easton’s birth and death. During a search of the couple’s home, police did find the newborn look-alike doll allegedly used in photos, according to the probable cause statement.

GoFundMe will be refunding all the people who donated to the couple through the site. The GoFundMe page, which raised $550, has been taken down.

The couple is scheduled to appear in court in October. It is unclear whether they have an attorney to comment on their behalf.

That’s a picture of the fake doll up top — can you believe people actually thought that it was real?

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