Say What Now? Clothing Company Under Fire for 'Appropriately Matching' Face of a Little Black Boy with a Monkey's Body [Photos]


San Diego-based clothing company, Just Add A Kid, is doing major damage control after a photo showing its T-shirts featuring the body of a monkey paired off with a customized hanger depicting the face of an little Black boy circulated around social media yesterday.

The company took to Twitter to label the incident a ‘misunderstanding’.

‘The widely distributed and inappropriate picture of a mismatched “Just Add A Kid” hanger with one of our t-shirt products was not authorized, condoned or tolerated by our company,’ spokesperson David Oates wrote in a statement released on Twitter. 

‘We sincerely regretted this occurrence and immediately directed our retail partner to change the product placement.’

The statement went on to say that the company will offer mandatory training to everyone in all their distribution channels to make sure that such an indent never repeats itself.

The company also tweeted images of its various designs shown with kids of different races.


The company explained that the T-shirts and hooks came separately, and it was up to each individual store carrying the Just Add A Kid brand to match the two.

‘The head shots on our hangers are intended to reflect the different cultures of our happy customers,’ the spokesman for the company wrote. 

Our question is, if they claim the multicultural skin tone header cards are ‘appropriately matching’ and they sell products with brown monkeys — wouldn’t that mean they expect the brown baby to match? They can’t blame the individual retail stores for that one.

What made them think that was a good idea? This country is crazy.

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