Say What Now? Bus Company Employee Busted for Stealing 36,000 Six Flags & Dorney Park Tickets From Her Job

51-year-old Rosemarie Bader, asales director at a Brooklyn charter bus company, stole 36,000 amusement park tickets from her job. That’s over $1 million worth of tickets!

According to prosecutors, she ran the scheme for almost three years before she got caught over-purchasing tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park.

via NYDN:

Bader worked at Best Trails and Travel Corporation in Red Hook, and as part of her job, she coordinated amusement park packages for the charter bus company’s clients, prosecutors said.

She allegedly ordered the tickets with the company credit card, received them herself, and put them in a safe under her desk that only she had access to.

An indictment unsealed Wednesday accused Bader of squirreling away more than 36,000 tickets for herself.

The tickets were redeemed at the two parks, but not through any of the charter bus company’s travel packages, prosecutors said.

Investigators are still looking into whether she went into business on her own and sold them, a law enforcement source said. 

The company figured out her scam last year, when officials there realized that she was ordering far more tickets than its buses had seats, prosecutors said. They sacked her in October.

Bader was arraigned Wednesday on grand larceny and possession of stolen property charges, and ordered held on $500,000 bond or $250,000 cash bail.

She could face between eight-and-a-third and 25 years behind bars if convicted at trial.

Her lawyer did not return a phone call seeking comment.

We’d really like to know how she managed to sell/distribute 36,000 tickets. People usually just don’t buy amusement park tickets from third-party sellers.

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