Say What Now? Burger King Offers an 'Adult Meal' Complete with a Special 'Adult Toy' for Valentine's Day [Video]

Burger King wants to make sure you can ‘have it your way’ when it comes to both your burger and the bedroom this Valentine’s Day.

Participating Burger King stores in Israel are offering a ‘Valentine’s Adult Meal’ — complete with an adult toy.

The “Valentine’s Adult Meal” comes with two Whoppers, two orders of French fries, two beers, and a “romantic ADULT TOY.” The offer is only available after 6 p.m. on Valentine’s Day for people over the age of 18 years old.

If you’re wondering what the ‘adult toy’ is, there are three options: a satin mask, feather duster, and a scalp massager.

From Burger King to Burger Kink! Check out the video below.

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