Say What Now? Atlanta Woman Gives Birth Inside McDonald's Bathroom, Calls Baby Girl Her 'Little Nugget' |

Say What Now? Atlanta Woman Gives Birth Inside McDonald’s Bathroom, Calls Baby Girl Her ‘Little Nugget’

Alandria Worthy was in labor and on her way to the hospital when she asked her fiancé, Deandre Phillips, to pull over so she could go to the bathroom.

He stopped at an Atlanta area McDonald’s where she ended up giving birth.

via People:

“I went into the bathroom and my water broke immediately,” Worthy told local news affiliate 11 Alive in Atlanta. “It was an experience because it happened so fast.”

Worthy started screaming and Tunisia Woodward, the general manager of that location, came to help, the new mom recounted. Needless to say, Woodward was surprised by what she found.

“I thought they were joking, and I open this door, didn’t see anyone, but I saw feet [under the door],” Woodward told the outlet. “I opened [it], and she was on this toilet lying back, screaming. Then I knew to tell my crew, ‘We’re having a baby today.'”

Woodward notified two colleagues, Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray, and all three readied to help deliver.

“Sha’querria grabbed the phone, dialed 911. Keisha ran, looking at the door,” Woodward recalled.

By this point, Phillips went into the McDonald’s to check on his fiancé and found her surrounded by the three female employees.

“She was on the toilet screaming,” Phillips remembered. “I was trying to calm her down because she was frantic.”

He continued: “I was like, ‘Just breathe.’ I got her on the floor, and I took off my clothes. The ladies at McDonald’s were at her front side, holding her hands. I had her feet propped up on my knees. We told her to push three pushes. She was a fighter.”

Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips was born three pushes and fifteen minutes later, according to the news report.

“I was on the phone with emergency dispatch, so they were telling us what to do through the phone,” Phillips said. “That was the good thing that we had many people there — because I wouldn’t be able to multitask if I was on the highway in the car and the traffic,” he said.

The McDonald’s employees immediately gave the little girl a cute McDonalds-centric nickname.

“I said, we’re going to name her Little Nugget. That’s her nickname: McDonald’s Little Nugget,” Woodward said.

“She’s definitely a nugget,” Phillips added. “My parents loved the name, too. We were like, ‘Okay, it fits her. My little nugget.'”

She’ll have that ‘nugget’ nickname for the rest of her life, we fear.

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