Say What Now? Appalachian State University Tennis Player, Spencer Brown, Suspended for Telling Black Opponent 'At Least I Know My Dad' During a Match

Spencer Brown, John Wilson

Spencer Brown, a tennis player at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, has been suspended after a Black opponent revealed that Spencer told him “at least I know my dad” during their match.

via NYDN:

Appalachian State University in North Carolina issued a statement Monday saying Spencer Brown, who’s white, was suspended indefinitely after Sunday’s match with North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black college. Appalachian State apologized in its statement, calling the conduct “derogatory and offensive.”

John Wilson, the black player who is also A&T’s senior class president, said Brown made other offensive comments during Sunday’s NCAA Division I match. The tweet included a photo of Brown.

A school spokeswoman says there’ll be no additional comment. A recording heard on a call to Appalachian State’s men’s tennis coach said his number was disconnected.

You can read Appalachian State’s full statement below.

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