Say What Now? 'Alexa' Records a 9-Year-Old's Voice, Implicates Him in Theft |

Say What Now? ‘Alexa’ Records a 9-Year-Old’s Voice, Implicates Him in Theft

Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ snitched on a 9-year-old boy after he broke into his neighbor’s home and stole some of her things — including an Echo device.

He also stole an iPhone, phone charger and cash from her apartment.

The child is now facing breaking and entering AND larceny charges.

via NYDN:

The boy entered his neighbor’s home through a first-floor screen on three different occasions to collect the valuables.

He also stole an unopened Amazon package that was sitting on his neighbor’s porch.

The woman told police that an audio clip of a voice on her phone, recorded by Alexa from the stolen Echo device, sounded like her neighbor’s son’s.

Gloucester police spoke to the boy, who at first denied knowledge of the thefts.

He later confessed to breaking into the woman’s home three times to steal the missing items.

He led officers to the stolen goods, which he had stashed outside his home.

The boy told officers he couldn’t find $46 in stolen cash, but officers later found the money stuffed inside a sneaker in a closet.

Police returned most of the stolen woman’s belongings, but kept the Echo device as evidence. It was ruined by being kept outdoors.

The child will face charges in juvenile court.

We have Alexa out here recording and snitching on 9-year-olds, meanwhile we have grown police officers wearing body cameras that magically ‘malfunction’ when they’re doing illegal things. Incredible.

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