Say What Now? 9-Month Old Baby Booked on Attempted Murder Charge [Video]

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A 9-month old child was reportedly taken into custody, fingerprinted and booked on attempted murder charges after his family members were accused of throwing bricks at police attempting to collect an unpaid gas bill.

Police officers arrived at a family home February 1 to collect payment for a gas bill, Pakistani police said, leading to a scuffle during which the the baby’s father, one of his teenage sons and others in the residence severely injured some of the officials by throwing bricks, CNN reports.

The police then charged family members with stoning and attempted murder. The child appeared in court Wednesday in Lahore and was booked as his grandfather held him. “The police filed a wrong, false arrest charge sheet and brought this innocent 9-month old into this court room for an appearance,” the family’s lawyer Irfan Tarar told CNN affiliate GEO News.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered the suspension of a Pakistani police official for registering the boy’s case.

After watching the video below, we just…don’t even know what to say.

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