Say It Ain't So! Brandy & Ryan Press Reportedly Call Off Their Engagement [Photos + Video] |

Say It Ain’t So! Brandy & Ryan Press Reportedly Call Off Their Engagement [Photos + Video]

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We thought it was VERY odd that Brandy’s fiancé Ryan Press wasn’t in any of the photos or videos from Brandy’s surprise 35th party earlier this month, but when Tyrese gave Ryan a shoutout for helping him pull the party together our concern began to fade.

It looks like our intuition was spot on, because now sources close to the couple have confirmed the two have called off their engagement.

An insider with The YBF has an account of what exactly is going on…and it doesn’t look too good.

A source in the couple’s close-knit circle revealed to that after moving in together, the two decided marriage may not be in the cards right now.  But we’re not ruling the couple completely out just yet.

We’ve learned that Brandy & Ryan have decided to take a step back to re-evaluate their relationship.  And it’s very possible that after this mature and honest decision, they may rekindle their love again.

But in the meantime….

We hear that Ryan may be dating someone new.   Allegedly, Ryan was recently set up on a semi-blind date with a friend of a friend, according to a close friend of the mystery woman.

Brandy also hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring lately.

At least breakups make for good music.

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