Saweetie’s Collab With Cher Turns Out To Be A Brand Partnership With MAC Cosmetics

Back in September of 2021, Saweetie promised that her collaboration with Cher would “unfold during the holidays” after she credited the pop goddess for inspiring her to tweak her album yet again.

via: In Style

Saweetie loves a good challenge. The rapper has already copped two Grammy nominations, grossed millions of fans, released several chart-topping hits, plus scored some pretty sweet brand partnerships. And the high praise and accolades are all thanks to her dedication to her craft and the ability to face obstacles and constantly rise to the occasion.

So it’s really no surprise that when looking for someone who is unapologetically themselves and takes difficulties in stride, MAC Cosmetics called on the 28-year-old artist to be the face of their new Challenge Accepted campaign — along with a music and fashion icon Cher.

“It just lets me know that whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it right because the fact that MAC thought of me to be a part of a campaign that is so iconic just means a lot to me,” Saweetie shared with InStyle over the phone. “So I’m just really grateful, and to share a screen with Cher was so fun. She’s also just full of so much wisdom.”

So what exactly does the makeup giant’s new Challenge Accepted campaign entail? Well, on Jan. 4, the brand is asking consumers to put their products to the test against sweat, water, heat, cold temperatures, bad weather — really anything. They promise that their highly pigmented, quality, transfer-resistant, and waterproof formulas will last against all the elements (natural or man-made) all day long. Then they want you to head to social media and share a photo of your flawless makeup with the hashtag #MACChallengeAccepted.

What’s been rolled out so far appears to just be part of a wider campaign, so it’s possible we’ll still get some music from this unlikely duo. If not, though, you still have to celebrate another clear branding win for Saweetie, whose profile only grows as fans await her debut album, Pretty Bitch Music.

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