Sarunas Jackson Accuses 'Insecure' Costar DomiNque Perry of Violating Court Order by Leaving California With Their Daughter |

Sarunas Jackson Accuses ‘Insecure’ Costar DomiNque Perry of Violating Court Order by Leaving California With Their Daughter

‘Insecure’ actress DomiNque Perry shares a 5-year-old daughter with her former co-star Sarunas J. Jackson.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by, actor Sarunas Jackson filed a shocking declaration as part of his custody battle with DomiNque over their 5-year-old daughter Zen.

As we first reported, earlier this year, Sarunas filed a petition demanding joint legal and physical custody of his daughter.

In addition, he accused the actress of portraying him to be a deadbeat dad which he said wasn’t the case.

He wrote, “[DomiNque] has defamed my character to others, making them believe I am an absent father. Her negative communications with others, including to peers in our industry, regarding her opinions of me have made me fear for repercussions in my career.”

In response, DomiNque claimed she had been the primary caretaker since Zen was born. She asked the court to award her primary custody.

DomiNque claimed she planned to raise Zen in Texas where her family lived. She claimed Sarunas was aware of this before he filed his custody case in California.

The actress also accused the father of her child of getting physical with her on one occasion in 2020.

She claimed, “Sarunas got heated in the conversation and began to repeatedly call me stupid, I then said to him, “you talk to your mother like that not me” at that point he became more angry and grabbed me by the throat and started choking me.”

She said, “There were several other times that he came to my apartment and would get angered for no serious reason and would start yelling at me,” she wrote. “On one occasion I told him that if he didn’t stop raising his voice in my apartment he would need to lead or I would call the police, he responded by saying ‘and then what?’ Since this incident I’ve always tried to just get along and keep the peace. I’ve been traumatized by these experiences and so much more.”

DomiNque claimed Sarunas let her throat go once their daughter walked into the room.

In a recent filing, DomiNque said Zen had moved to Texas and enrolled in school. She claimed Sarunas had not offered her financial support since August and “no checking on her, visiting or calling since October although the Dad has been welcomed to do so or even visit her.”

Now, in a newly filed document, Sarunas claimed DomiNque moving to Texas after he filed his custody case was a violation of the court’s order.

He claimed after he filed his case, the court issued an automatic temporary restraining order that restricted either party from moving the child out of California until the outcome of the case.

Sarunas wrote, “On October 27, 2023, [DomiNque] left California with our daughter, notwithstanding the automatic temporary restraining orders in place and the child abduction order filed along with my child custody petition that prevented [DomiNque] from doing so until a determination of child custody. Our daughter has not returned to her home in California since.”

A judge has yet to rule.

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