Sam Elliott Apologizes to Cast, LGBTQ Community Over ‘Power of the Dog’ Comments [Photo]

Sam Elliott is apologizing after he called the film The Power of the Dog a “piece of shit” Western with “allusions of homosexuality.”

via: Daily Beast

Nearly six weeks after aiming a sharply homophobic, expletive-laced critique at Oscar-nominated Western The Power of the Dog, actor Sam Elliot has apologized for his comments. Speaking at an event hosted by Deadline, Elliott said that he hadn’t been “very articulate” about his feelings on Jane Campion’s film while talking to Marc Maron for his WTF podcast. Referring to Maron as “the WTF podcaster,” Elliott on Sunday said he had wanted to talk about The Power of the Dog after it had “struck a chord” with him. Describing his thoughts while on the podcast, however, Elliott had hit a more sour note, calling the movie a “piece of shit” with “allusions of homosexuality.” He had also challenged the New Zealand-born Campion’s abilities, fuming, “What the fuck does this woman from down there know about the American West?” At Deadline’s event, Elliott walked back his remarks, saying he felt “terrible” about them having hurt the gay community. He called Campion “a brilliant director” and apologized directly to her film’s cast, “in particular Benedict Cumberbatch. I can only say that I’m sorry and I am. I am.”

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