So Sad: Father Accused of Killing Toddler Son in Double Shooting |

A Georgia father allegedly shot his four-year-old son along with the child’s mother on Monday.

via People:

On Tuesday evening, Jacquese Antwan Walker, 35, was taken into police custody after a 36-hour manhunt, reports WTVM

Walker was then taken to Muscogee County Jail ahead of his court hearing. He faces charges of murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime in connection with the death of his son, Jacquese Walker. Jr., according to Fox-5.

The child’s mother, Marshama Bolden, was reportedly shot four times and taken to the local hospital, Piedmont Columbus Regional, and remains in critical condition. 

According to WSB-TV, the police were called to an apartment complex on Monday morning just after 8 a.m. At the scene, the police found the critically injured woman and her son, who had been pronounced dead at the scene.

On Tuesday, a statement on the official Facebook account for the Columbus Georgia Police Department announced that Walker was apprehended and was in police custody.

Jacquese Jr.’s grandmother and Bolden’s mother Ernestine Freeman expressed her grief in an interview with WTVM.

Freeman claimed she saw alleged signs of abuse between Walker and her daughter, but she believed her daughter would leave the situation before it turned deadly.

She said, “He had been threatening her. Because they had incidents. Seven months ago, she came to my house. She was at my house. I figured it was a spat, but there was more to it. I don’t get off into my kids’ business like that too much.” Freeman added, “I can’t do nothing about who my child loves.”

“He just snapped,” Freeman alleged. “You’re a son of a b—-, and how dare you do that to my daughter?” 

“I want him to rot in jail. That’s what I want,” said Jacquese Jr.’s aunt and his mother’s sister, Marjae Connerly.

Connerly, who set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Jacquese Jr.’s service, told WTVM that the suspect allegedly “always hated every time my sister was happy, and that’s the main reason he probably shot the baby. Because that baby loved my sister.”

The Columbus Police Department did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Prayers go out to Marshama and her family.

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