Rumor Control: Jay-Z Denies Beyoncé's Pregnancy?


E! News is a pretty reliable news source, so when they confirmed that Beyoncé is indeed pregnant various reputable news sources ran with it and took it as fact.

Well, allegedly Ebro the station manager over at NY’s Hot 97 radio station had an email exchange with Jay-Z and according to Ebro, Jay denied the rumors. He quoted the email as saying:

It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.

Hm. We’re not sure how valid this is, but it definitely makes us question some things. Out of all the people reaching out to Beyoncé and Jay-Z for comment (including E!, the originators of the confirmation), why would Jay-Z casually respond to a radio DJ in an informal email? E! News hasn’t backed down from their confirmation as the Beyoncé is Pregnant story is still splashed across their front page.

If you want to listen to the audio from Ebro’s radio announcement, click here.



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