Rose McGowan Supports Nicki Minaj Amid Controversy Over Vaccine Impotency Claims [Video]

Rose McGowan has said that she “stands with” Nicki Minaj after the rapper faced a backlash this week over her remarks about the coronavirus vaccine.

via: AceShowbiz

Nicki caused a social media storm on Monday (13Sep21) when she revealed she had contracted the coronavirus after refusing to get vaccinated, and claimed a cousin’s friend in her native Trinidad is now impotent, with “swollen testicles,” after receiving his jab.

Her wild suggestion was ridiculed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the country’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty, U.S. COVID chief Dr. Anthony Fauci, former CNN newsman Piers Morgan, and Trinidad’s own minister of health, among others.

Now McGowan, famously one of the first female celebrities to accuse jailed Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, is wading into the debate to support Minaj.

“I stand with Nicki Minaj and all who see what is happening,” she wrote in a statement shared to Instagram and Twitter early on Friday (17Sep21).

“Both of us know the powerful elite and it’s likely you do not.”

“If you are freaking out because she said something you don’t believe, it’s most likely because you are scared to examine the thought too closely. Millionaires have become billionaires, billionaires are now trillionaires. Think. Question. Just cos you want to believe what your cult leaders say, doesn’t make it fact (sic).”

Minaj also drew fire for tweeting that she had been invited to the White House to meet with Dr. Fauci, a claim that was refuted by officials in President Joe Biden’s administration, who told NBC News the Starships singer had in fact been “offered” a call to discuss questions about “the safety and effectiveness” of the vaccine.

And Rose isn’t the only one taking the rapper’s side. On Wednesday, a group of anti-vaccine protesters held a rally outside the headquarters of America’s Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, NME reports.

In videos shared to Twitter on Thursday, protestors chanted, “Nicki Minaj told the truth to me, Fauci lied to me.”

Birds of a feather.

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