Roddy Ricch Blasts Fans Accusing Him Of Wearing Fake Necklace [Photo]

Roddy Ricch’s Saturday night set was among the many highlights from this weekend’s Rolling Loud festival in Miami, a three-day throwdown that drew over 225,000 fans and included more than 150 performances.

via: AceShowbiz

Roddy Ricch was dragged online following his performance when fans noticed that the pendant on his chain fell off during his performance and that prompted fans to start speculations that his jewelry was fake.

In a video that circulated online, the Grammy-winning rapper was moving his body while spitting his bars when the pendant on his necklace that displays two massive Rs fell off. He looked a bit flustered over the mishap but proceed to rap like a pro.

The incident, however, caused people to troll “The Box” rapper online as some of them accused him of wearing a fake necklace. “S**t fake,” one troll wrote on Instagram. “THT FAKE AH S**T LMFAOOOO.”

Roddy apparently caught wind of the clownery and quickly shut down the speculations. “Stop the CAP,” the rapper wrote on Instagram Story. “my baby was juss too heavy,” he explained.

Following the clarifications, some fans defended Roddy and believed that he was telling the truth. “Them pendants be heavy and the chain probably wasn’t strong enough…,” one person opined. “It happens , s**t literally just happened to my pendant last week luckily I was in the crib , that woulda been an expensive fix for his jeweler,” someone else chimed in.

“It’s a hook pendant it’s not attached n***as stay tryna hate lol dat b***h cost a house,” another person noted with someone else saying, “It happens anything can break….but its definitely real.” Meanwhile, some others were freaking out over the missing diamonds from the star’s pendant. “S**t I see a diamond missing,” one user wrote.

Next month, fans can likely look forward to the studio version of Roddy Ricch’s feature on the new Kanye West album Donda, a version of which was played for a stadium full of fans last week.

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