Rod Wave Responds To Boosie Badazz's Threatens to Sue Artists for Sampling His Music Without Permission: "Tell Me A Number"

Boosie Badazz is threatening to take legal action against other artists for sampling his work without his permission.

via: Rap-Up

During an Instagram Live, Boosie specifically called out Rod Wave for using his 2010 track “Long Journey” in Nostalgia. The rapper expressed frustration about not being asked for collaboration or compensation. He shared, “A lot of artists are sampling my s**t. I can’t even get a feature. People just don’t think I’m, you know, business-minded.”

“Can’t let you take my s**t, and I’m not getting nothing. I just want my split, you know, my cut. I ain’t mad. I love when they do that s**t,” he continued. “They wouldn’t do that to a white artist. They wouldn’t do that to another artist, just Boosie.”

The rapper continued his rant on Twitter later that night. Boosie’s post read, “How is it foul? It’s [business and] you know that. You ain’t go do that to no other major label without compensating them with [their] splits. Why do it to a n**ga you looked up to?”

Subsequently, Rod Wave responded via his Instagram Story. He let it be known that there wasn’t any bad blood while inviting Boosie to give him an asking price.

The “Cuban Links” artist shared, “Man, this s**t got to stop, man. Man, you ain’t got to sue no n**ga like me. I’ma pull up, f**k you talking about suing me? I’ll pull up on you, bro. Tell me a number. Tell me a real number, though. Not [nothing] crazy. A n**ga gon’ pull up and make sure you straight.”

It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t Boosie’s first time threatening legal action. He alleged that Yung Bleu owes him millions after the singer left Bad Azz Music Syndicate for EMPIRE in 2020.

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