Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Reportedly Split Over Affair With Woman They Both Had a Three-Way Relationship With


The rumors surrounding Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s bedroom life have always been…interesting, but a new report suggests things got out of hand after it was discovered Robin was having an affair with a woman they were having a three-way relationship with.

Paula and Robin had been reportedly carrying on a consensual ménage-a-trois with a massage therapist for two years.

However, when Paula allegedly found out the other woman -who is being called Jasmine – and her husband were having an affair without her, she decided that wasn’t cool and put her foot down.

Paula felt betrayed and humiliated by both Robin and Jasmine,’ said the insider who is believed to have taken a polygraph test.

‘These were two people she thought she could trust the most, but in the end everything backfired on her.’

As the story goes, Paula allegedly walked in on Robin and Jasmine while they were banging without her, but Robin didn’t understand why Paula was so upset.

Robin pushed Paula to allow Jasmine into the bedroom with them in order to spice up their sex life, and she reluctantly agreed in an attempt to keep him happy,’ the source explains.

Paula supposedly gave her husband of eight years another chance, and banned Jasmine from their home, but she couldn’t put her suspicions behind her and eventually the end of their marriage was announced in February this year. Thicke’s representatives have denied the reports.


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