Rob Kardashian Reportedly Wants to Quit 'Rob & Chyna' Following Health Scare

Rob Kardashian reportedly wants to quit filming his ‘Rob & Chyna’ reality show and focus on getting his weight, health, and happiness under control.


“He doesn’t want to do the show anymore, he just wants to live his life with Chyna and Dream and not have to worry about doing a TV show. He is stressed and not out of the woods with all his issues and he would rather have them not broadcasted to the world,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Rob’s life is a total mess now, especially since his massive fight with Chyna where she moved out Hidden Hills home and took their six-week-old baby Dream with her. His health has also taken a turn for the worse, as he was hospitalized due to complications from diabetes Dec. 28.

Apparently all of the stress in Rob’s life has caused him to start overeating, and he’s packed so much more weight that his adult onset diabetes has flared back up again. Which is SO sad because he had got it under control earlier in 2016 through diet and exercise. It’s just devastating that he’s right back where he was this at time in 2015, overweight, lonely and in poor health. Why would anyone want the world to see those kind of personal struggles televised?

Unfortunately for Rob, there’s this pesky thing called contractual obligation that means he’s got to keep doing E!’s Rob & Chyna. “He knows he will have to do at least one more season and he hopes that is it,” our insider adds. We absolutely hate seeing Rob in a bad place, and considering all that he’s dealing with these days, it would make for heartbreaking TV.

Listen, if Rob TRULY wanted out — Kris Jenner could and WOULD get him out of whatever contract he’s in.

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