Rob Kardashian Refuses to Attend ESPYs with His Family Because of His Weight


When Caitlyn Jenner receives the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs next month, her son Rob Kardashian won’t be there with the rest of the family to cheer her on.

A source tells

“While Rob completely supports Caitlyn, it’s highly unlikely he will attend the show. If he can lose a ton of weight in the next couple of weeks, maybe he will go. But being in large crowds is not his thing. He doesn’t want to have a panic attack and make a fool of himself. He wants it to be about Caitlyn, not him.”

It makes sense to us. It would be the first time Rob Kardashian has been freely seen in public in ages — and we all know the spectacle that would ensue.

The source adds:

“Caitlyn understands Rob’s challenges and supports him 100%. She has put absolutely no pressure on him to attend the show. She wouldn’t take his no-show as a sign of anything negative or personal. She’s the last person to make anyone do anything that doesn’t feel right.”

While we were hoping Rob would pull it together in time for such a wonderful celebration, we’re now just hoping he pulls it together in time to enjoy all the moments of his life he seems to be missing out on.

We’re still rooting for you, Rob!

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