Rick Ross Puts His Own Spin on the Viral Crate Challenge [Photos + Video]

Rick Ross is the latest celebrity to partake in the viral Crate Challenge — but he used cases of Luc Belaire champagne.

via: Hot97

It’s not clear WHO came up with this silly challenge, but the trend started on Tik Tok. If you randomly see videos on your social media of people attempting to climb milk crates, like a pyramid, then you’ve witnessed seeing the majority of people falling from the challenge.

Ricky Rozay put a spin on the challenge. Instead of using milk crates, he stacked up boxes of Luc Belaire champagne, a company he’s an ambassador for. In the clip, he said, “It’s the biggest boss in the game, Ricky Rozay. I been called out. This the Luc Belaire case challenge. Let’s go.” Take a look:

Check out some of the reactions from social media.

Social media platforms such as TikTok have disabled the ability to search for videos of the Crate Challenge and are now working to remove the videos.

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