Report: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan Boycotting 'The View' After Whoopi Goldberg Trashed 'American Idol'

Whoopi Goldberg made waves when she stated that American Idol is to blame for some of society’s problems.

via: Radar Online

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan are taking a dim view of The View after gabfest host Whoopi, 67, blamed the singing competition show for the “downfall of society.”

“Katy, Lionel, and Luke are all boycotting The View,” spilled a source. “You can’t blame someone for literally destroying civilization, which is what Whoopi said, and then expect them to sit down and talk with you.

“The next time the Idol judges do press, they will appear on all ABC’s shows — but not The View.” has reached out to reps of American Idol for comment.

ABC suspended Whoopi for two weeks earlier this year after she made offensive remarks about the Holocaust. She has since apologized.

But insiders say there have been several conversations behind the scenes at The View about who to sensor the controversial hosts — for fear that if they keep insulting folks, the show won’t be able to book guests.

Celebrities and viewers aren’t the only ones annoyed with Whoopi’s behavior. As exclusively reported, her View costar Joy Behar has grown “frustrated” with the actress-turned-television personality, especially because Whoopi is reportedly pushing for a raise.

An insider dished that Behar, who makes a reported $7 million a year to Whoopi’s $8 million, has been annoyed over her famous cohost’s greed. “She wants parity with Whoopi and thinks she deserves it.”

To the 80-year-old’s mind, added the source, “the more Whoopi takes, the less there is for everyone else.”

We’re told that Whoopi is aware of Behar’s feelings, but she isn’t budging. The source said the Ghost actress is looking out for herself.

“As far as she’s concerned, it’s none of her business how much the others are making,” snitched the insider. “It’s not going to stop her driving a hard bargain.”

ABC has faced one controversy after the next over Whoopi’s outspoken ways. Viewers recently called for Whoopi’s job after she celebrated right-wing political host Tucker Carlson’s firing from FOX News.

However, the network has continued to stick by her side.

The only time ABC took a stand against Whoopi was when she was suspended in February 2022 following her remarks about the Holocaust, in which she claimed the genocide of European Jews was “not about race.”

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