Report: Kanye West to Release 40-Minute Apology Video Over Antisemitism Rants |

Report: Kanye West to Release 40-Minute Apology Video Over Antisemitism Rants

Kanye West has filmed a 40-minute video apologizing for his antisemitic rants, according to a report.

via: HotNewHipHop

Kanye West got himself into a lot of trouble at the end of 2022 thanks to his sickening anti-semitism. Overall, his pivot to Nazi talking points was unexpected, to say the least. Although some thought it was simply a ploy to leave Adidas, it appeared to be much more than that. He was on Alex Jones’ show and he was even working with white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Needless to say, it was a very harrowing time for those who care about the artist. Even now, many of his fans feel alienated from ever supporting him again.

As it stands, Ye is in the midst of a messy rollout for his new album, Vultures. The album has been hit with some serious delays as of late. At this point, no one really knows if it is ever going to come out. However, the fact that it hasn’t been scrapped yet is at least a little bit encouraging. That said, according to TMZ, Ye has plans to release a special video ahead of his album’s release. The content of this video? Well, it is apparently a 40-minute apology to anyone he offended over his anti-semitism.

As the outlet reports, Ye sat down with camera crews and filmed a lengthy apology. Although the content of the apology is unknown, it’s clear that he wants to make amends. However, it should come as no surprise that people would be skeptical of this. After all, he previously dropped a shortened apology that some accused of being written by Chat GPT. Regardless, Vultures is currently set for a February 9th release, which means the apology could be coming out very soon.

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