Report: Janet Jackson Was Set to Be Honored at Grammys |

Report: Janet Jackson Was Set to Be Honored at Grammys

Janet Jackson was going to receive an award from the organizers of the Grammys, the singer would receive the Global Impact Award, but in the end due to problems with CBS it could not be done.

via: Daily Beast

Janet Jackson was in talks to appear—and take home an award—at last week’s Grammy Awards, but the CBS reaction to her Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction in 2004 helped cause those plans to fall through, TMZ reports. Jackson was set to receive the Global Impact Award during a pre-show event the week before the Grammys, but her schedule wouldn’t let her show up. Negotiations then shifted to an acceptance during the main show, but when Jackson sought some form of an apology for or acknowledgement of CBS blacklisting her after the infamous “nipplegate” incident, the talks collapsed. Lil Wayne ended up receiving the award instead.

TMZ reported that the award was to be presented to her before the awards ceremony at an event with Black Music Collective, but Jackson’s schedule did not allow it.

Since Janet couldn’t attend the Black Music Collective event, she didn’t get the Global Impact Award. She also did not attend the Grammys … fact is she hasn’t been there in years.

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