Report Claims Homeless Shelter Is Disappointed With Kanye for Not Delivering on Promises Made to Organization [Photos]

On Friday, Kanye West detailed his inspiration behind his design philosophy. In a post to Instagram, Kanye wrote, “Look to the children, look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design.” Kanye has been vocal about helping the homeless in the past, but the LA Mission, one of the organizations West has collaborated with, claims that he’s all talk and no walk.

via: Complex

Kanye, who in November met with L.A. Mission CEO Troy Vaughn to outline particular ways he can provide aid for the unhoused, took to Instagram on Friday to express his concern for the homeless. “Look to the children, look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design,” West wrote.

According to TMZ, sources close to L.A. Mission say the nonprofit organization has grown frustrated with Ye’s lack of initiative, as they claim not much has been accomplished since the Chicago rapper met with city leaders last year.

“We’re told folks from the Mission have attempted to contact Ye several times since the meeting, to no avail,” the outlet reported.

In November, Kanye announced plans to combat Los Angeles’ growing homelessness problem. Days later, he teamed up with L.A. Mission to deliver 1,000 Thanksgiving Eve meals at Skid Row.

“We thank Kanye West for showing his heart and generosity today and bringing over 1,000 meals with him in tow,” L.A. Mission’s CEO said in a tweet at the time. “Our heart is with Kanye as he continues to show his heart for people who are less fortunate.”

Despite their disappointment in West, L.A. Mission tells TMZ that the organization still hopes to collaborate with Kanye, as they believe his platform could benefit the crisis greatly.

This doesn’t mean that West hasn’t done anything for the homeless. But his actions thus far haven’t been has sprawling as what he has vowed. He’s donated meals to the needy, and has encouraged volunteers to help houseless populations as well. Back in 2019, he had one of his Sunday Services at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row.

Even though he’s yet to follow through on his word, the LA Mission still wants to work with the Chicago artist, TMZ reports. Someone with his resources could certainly do a lot of good.

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