Reginae Carter Defends Dad Lil Wayne, Calls Out T.I. for Putting Him on Blast: 'You Lost His Number?'


17-year-old Reginae Carter is NOT here for T.I. calling out her father, Lil Wayne, on social media.

Last week, Lil Wayne did an interview with ABC’s ‘Nightline’ in which he completely dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement.

After the interview clips went viral, T.I. took to Instagram to shame his ‘friend’ and to let him know that he needs to do better.

Reginae wasn’t feeling T.I.’s approach and let it be known.



Her response to T.I. has received mixed reaction. Some people applaud her for defending her father, others feel like a child should stay in a child’s place and out of grown folks’ business.

Reginae is unbothered.


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