Really? Stacey Dash Says Donald Trump Isn't Violent, Just 'Street'


Stacey Dash is back at it again with the white bullsh*t.

A few days after protestors shut down Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago, Ms. Dash took to her blog to speak her piece on what went down.

She attributes Donald’s culture of violence to the fact that he’s from the ‘street.’

She writes:

There’s a lot of talk about Donald Trump being violent, condoning it, or at least inciting it.

But this is a total misread of our next President. First of all, he’s not responsible for what every random guy does — out of thousands. (And by the way, I don’t condone the violence that has happened so far.)

Second of all, he’s not violent, he’s just “street.” He was born in Queens. Of course, that doesn’t mean he was hustling on the street, dodging bullets. I know he had a privileged upbringing that no doubt isolated him from much of the violence and strife that some people grew up with in the city…

…He’s not apologizing. He’s not backing down.

He knows both sides of the street. He knows the game. And he knows how to WIN IT. Like I’ve said… he doesn’t bring a knife to a gun fight!

Trump? Street? Ha. Trump SAW ‘street’ when he tried to hold that rally in Chicago!

That’s about as close as he’s ever going to get.

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