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Ray J Says His New $80 Earbuds are ‘Amazing’ [Photo]

Entrepreneur and Singer Ray J spoke to Yahoo Finance about his earbuds, calling its $80 price tag “so different from what’s out there with the other brands.”

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While promoting his new Raycon Global earbuds, singer Ray J said its $80 price tag is “so different from what’s out there with the other brands,” according to Yahoo Finance.

He said the affordable price of the earbuds puts them in a position to stand out in the crowded wearables field which Apple currently dominates.

“I think our price point and what we stand for is just totally different from the rest of the brands,” Ray J explained, adding that the company cares about its customers. “We’re for the people. I think people are just paying too much for earbuds and AirPods and things.”

Raycon Global co-founder, Ray Lee said the company’s willingness to listen to customer feedback and address any issues customers may have with the product is another plus for the brand.

“So as we’ve scaled, we’ve actually been able to have and nurture customer relationships with every single one of our customers,” Lee said. “We expect to be over 2 million customers this year. We always like to say internally that our research and development starts with customer experience and pouring through all of our customer feedback that we get every single day.”

“When we started, we were young. We were still trying to find our way. Now that we’re four years in, our product is amazing,” said Ray J, adding that the company upgrades the product each time a customer or influencer gives them feedback. “Every year, every six months, our product is getting better and better,” he explained.

Lee credits social media influencers for playing a big part in driving the company forward, and the website prominently features celebrities and Instagrammers who support the product.

Raycon Global is currently sold online only, and Lee said he sees “massive opportunity” for growth and intends to “excel” in international e-commerce.

Love or hate him, Ray J is about his money and building his brand. Check out Raycon Earbuds here.

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